London Grease Traps Blog.. found it again.

Well hello to anyone who might be reading this… if you’re not then this place is just a great place for me to write stuff.

I’ve managed to re-find this blog and get the sign on details so it will be slightly easier in the future for me to keep the blog updated, fresh and new.

So, what’s happening with London Grease Traps?

Well since my last entry on here I’ve managed to update my website, publish new brochures and re-design a flier for canvassing businesses. LGT have also installed a few new traps in Central London, won some servicing contracts and had some enquiries for bulk supplying of grease traps and dosing systems. Quite a busy time for me but as dull as ditchwater to you no doubt.

I guess the most exciting thing that has happened recently had nothing to do with LGT. On a recent visit to Tottenham Hale Retail Park on my lovely Scott mountain bike someone decided to chop through the security chain I’d fastened it to railings with and be away with it. I came out of Staples to see my bike gone and replaced by the old bike of whoever nicked it. Big mistake of the thief to leave his old steed there! Jumping on to it I found out which exit they’d left by and rode through the estate to see if  I  could find the culprit. I did.  After a frank and honest exchange of opinions with the thief and his mate I left. With my bike. Funnily enough they didn’t try and catch the old bike when I threw it at them. I was a bit pumped up and not really in the mood for polite conversation. Even now a few days later I’m really chuffed that I got my bike back.

back to LGT, heres our new logo!

Looks pretty good to me and I hope to you too!

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