Hope I don’t end up in hell!!

I’ve noticed whilst surfing the web and looking at various sites how common the “started but never carried on” blog is. You know the kind of thing, full of initial enthusiasm but then after a few posts it just stops. Abruptly, without explanation and for no reason. Well, having looked at the London Grease Traps blog I might well fall into the same trap (not grease trap) if I’m not careful. I’m not normally short of things to say and sometimes I’m worth listening to or reading. The question is how to be diligent in the writing of the blog. You know I think I might have found the answer… two very simple keys to making sure the blog is consistently written. 1. have a note in the diary and on the to do list. 2. have a short cut on the computer to the blog so that it is easy to write. In those two keys lie the answer to success in many other areas… not just writing a blog. Put it on a to do list, make it easy to do… and then do it!

So that’s what I intend to do. We shall see no doubt.

I’m sure someone wrote a famous line along the lines of something pathed with good intentions. I hope I don’t end up in hell though!

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